Autonomous Cars in The Future

What will happen when autonomous cars are introduced?
We will introduce the benefits of autonomous cars and autonomous driving technologies that will be realized in the future.

Autonomous Driving Technique

Deadman System
When the driver suddenly dies due to a heart attack or when unconscious, the car is automatically driven to a safe place and stopped to avoid secondary disasters. It is classified as level 4 in NHTSA classification (details About Autonomous Cars).
Valet Parking
In an unmanned condition, the car automatically finds the parking position, parks and returns to the position where driver demands. Since there is no need for people to enter the parking lot, it is expected to alleviate congestion in parking lots and prevent accidents.
Row Running of Large Trucks
By running a group of trucks in a row, you can reduce the personnel expenses by making the following cars unmanned. In addition, by reducing the distance between vehicles, it reduces air resistance and leads to energy saving.
Autonomous Operation of Bus
Currently, the bus sometimes does not reach in time due to road conditions. In the case of autonomous driving, it is possible to run in a narrow exclusive lane which would be difficult for humans to drive in. Therefore, the schedule of the bus will be more punctual.
Autonomous Operation of Compact Low-speed Vehicles
It is unmanned and travels a short distance such as between the parking lot and the destination. For example, convenience for users is increased when parking lots are built a little away because of the lack of constructing place.
Precision Docking
It is a system which stops the bus accurately at the bus stop. Since steps and gaps become smaller, it is easier to lift and lower the wheel chair and the stroller.

Advantages of Autonomous Cars

Efficient Operation Is Possible

It can operate more efficiently than a car operating under human control. For example, automobiles are said that the most fuel-efficient at the speed of 60~80 km/h. In autonomous operation this speed can be maintained. Therefore, it is possible to improve fuel economy and vehicle life, and it is thought that it is also effective for environmental problem prevention.

Improvement of Working Efficiency of Road Work Vehicles
For example, snow removing vehicles remove snow along snowy lane. Therefore, it is suitable for application of automatic operation that can precisely measure the vehicle's position and drive.
Reduction of Traffic Accidents
It is possible to reduce accidents caused by mistakes made by human drivers, which is called human error. For example, an accident such as accidentily putting a foot on the wrong pedal, can't happened under autonomous operation.
Reduction in Traffic Jams
Autonomous cars are driven by machines, not by humans. Therefore, it is possible to reduce deceleration of hills and accidents that cause traffic jams.

In this site, we will explain how autonomous cars can eliminate or reduce traffic jams.

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