Welcome to "Autonomous Cars and Traffic Jams"

How awful the traffic jam is! We will eliminate this based on what we have studied....
BEFORE A terrible traffic jam is occurring ... AFTER The traffic jam is eliminated and you can now go smoothly!

There are a lot of people thinking that robot taxis and autonomous cars will only happen in the future? Actually, autonomous cars are already running in your towns. It is said that autonomous cars can eliminate not only reduce the driver's burden and the number of traffic accidents, but also solve the problem of traffic jams.
So, we decided to prove whether introducing more autonomous cars leads to the alleviation of traffic jams by experiments. In our experiments, we made an original self-driving car with automatic driving programs, and ran it on our original course since we can't make an actual autonomous car. In addition, we simulated driving situations between an autonomous car and a conventional non-autonomous car, to make it more easy to understand our experiments.

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