Our Self-introduction

Members The leader Hirorin Ms. Hydrogen Fluoride Chen Shinsengumi
Area Preparing the experiment&Writing the text Web design&Writing the text Programming&Writing the text Preparing the experiment&Writing the text
Belong to Technical Club Technical Club Technical Club Swimming Club
Dream To develop an autonomous car that everyone can use it favorably To live without fear of clothing, shelter and living Scientist (physicochemical), Engineer To control this country
Favorite Vegetable Avocado Potato Green Pepper Eggplant
Motto Never give up, maximize what you can do now. Everything that ends well is all right. I doubt that we must not put off what we can do till tomorrow. If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything.
Impression Please skim the contents of my motto. I participated in this contest last year, so I tried my best using my reflections last year. I am pleased to join this contest. I may join next year. I am the only person in this team who majors in humanities or social studies. I long for team-mates who can write computer programs. I want to become a people majoring in humanities or social studies who can do programming.
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