Our Conclusion

We have studied about autonomous cars by the process below.

1. What We Proved in This Site is What Autonomous Cars Can Do

(Ⅰ)To Solve Traffic Jams (→"Recovering from Traffic Jams")

Traffic jams can be recoverd if all autonomous cars accelerate at the same time.

(Ⅱ)To Prevent Traffic Jams (→"Congestion Prevention")

  1. As we approach a curve or slope, we should not decrease in speed.
  2. Joining the main lane according to the trafffic volume.
  3. According to the information of accident around the car, changing the lane ahead of time.

We can prevent traffic jams by doing these three things.

2. What we want to suggest for society through our experiments

(Ⅰ)"Recovering from Traffic Jams"

In order to use autonomous cars more effectively as a means of solving traffic jams, it is necessary for all of the autonomous cars (manufactured by several companies) to run in a coordinated manner.
In addition, it is preferable that the learning results of the road situation are also shared among the autonomous cars made by multiple companies (Actually, this time, we conducted the experiment on the assumption that all the autonomous cars cooperate).
So it is necessary to build a car-to-car communication system with not only autonpmous cars manufactured by the same company but also autonomous cars manufactured by multiple companies.
However, though there is a plan of an car-to-car communication system among the same company's autonomous cars, there is no plan of a car-to-car communication system among autonomous cars manufactured by several companies.
As a result, we can not fully utilize autonomous cars to eliminate traffic jams.

Therefore, we think that it is necessary to improve the inter-vehicle communication system between the automatic driving vehicles made by multiple companies in order to utilize the autonomous cars more effectively to eliminate traffic jams.

(Ⅱ)"Congestion Prevention"

When we look into performances of automatic cars, we need to show how it would have been effected by numbers, not only by our imaginations.
Besides, when confirming the performance of an automobile, we cannot say that the purpose has not been fully achieved unless it cannot eliminate congestion not only in a specific country or region but in all places.
However, since the patterns of traffic jams happen seem to exist infinitely, it is effective for the enterprises which are developing cars to keep improving the system based on the information that pattern which was not able to be prevented even though using the latest technologies.

3. When Autonomous Cars Become Popular

What will happen when autonomous cars become popular? We will show the benefits.

(Ⅰ)Benefits to Pedestrians and Drivers

They can feel safe walking on the sidewalk or driving their car on the roads because of reduced traffic accidents.

(Ⅱ)Benefits to The Drivers

Their quality of life will increase, because they can spend more time for other things instead of driving.

(Ⅲ)Social Benefits

By solving traffic jams, we can reduce economic loss. In addition, we can control global warming because autonomous cars don't produce as much gas exhaust.

4. What We Should Do

We will show what we should do from now on.

(Ⅰ)Companies Developing Technology

It is necessary to develop technology into both hardware and software.

(Ⅱ)Law Maintenance by The Government and Reorganization of Government Offices

(Ⅲ)Consumer Trust

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